The 7th Continent

Designers: Ludovic Roudy, Bruno Sautter

Artists: Ludofic Roundy

Publisher: Serious Poulp

Description: A Cooperative scenario-based exploration and survival game that is played over many sessions.

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Players: 1 - 4

Playing Time: 5 - 1000 Minutes (Scenarios are 1 - 20 hours broken up into sessions of any length)

Ages: 14+

Gameplay Videos

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Video 1a: Preparing For your First Game

Tom teaches how to set up your box of The 7th Continent before setting up your first scenario.

Note: Clearly you can only unwrap and setup once... I couldn't "practice" this... so this video might be a bit long and rambling for some. So I also recorded a shorter version where I show off a setup-box and talk you through how you can do it yourself. That's Part 1b as seen below.

Video 1b: Preparing for Your First Game (Express)

Tom teaches how to set up your box of The 7th Continent before setting up your first scenario in a much faster and more-clear less-rambling manner.

Video 2: Setting Up the Scenario (The Crystal's Song)

Tom teaches how to set up a scenario of Seventh Continent. Specifically the scenario of "The Crystal's Song." Since this is the first setup video in the series, it's a little longer than it needs to be.... sorry about that! Hopefully it's helpful and/or thorough.

Video 3: Rules Overview & The Crystal's Song (Part 1)

Tom teaches Eliot Pendelton how to begin exploring the island in search of some mysterious pink crystals. For minimal spoilers this video is relatively short and only two terrain tiles will be revealed.

Video 4: The Crystal's Song (Part 2)

Tom teaches Eliot Pendelton spends day two searching for crystals, eating crab, and exploring around this mini-island.

Video 5: The Crystal's Song (Part 3)

Tom teaches Eliot Pendelton to conclude his hunt for the crystal fragments before heading home.

Video 6: Setting Up The Voracious Goddess

Tom sets up the scenario The Voracious Goddess.

Video 7: The Voracious Goddess (Part 1)

Ferdinand and 'McCLUSKEY' follow notes from their friend Eliot Pendleton as they set out to find this so-called "Voracious Goddess."

Video 8: The Voracious Goddess (Part 2)

Ferdinand and McCluskey begin to poke around the main island... and Tom finds that he is not always as clean and organized on camera as he should be....

Video 9: The Voracious Goddess (Part 3)

Ferdinand and McClusky do their best to explore the LEFT side of the thimble mound.

Video 10: The Voracious Goddess (Part 4)

Ferdinand and McClusky look for food...... SQUIRREL!

Video 11: The Voracious Goddess (Part 5)

Ferdinand and McClusky keep on keeping on!

Video 12: The Voracious Goddess (Part 6)

Ferdinand and McClusky go check out a temple I overlooked earlier...

Video 13: The Voracious Goddess (Part 7)

Ferdinand and McClusky go searching for the second eye/gem/thing.