Tiny Towns

Designer: Peter McPherson

Artist: Gong Studios, Matt Paquette

Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group

Description: A competitive game that has players strategically placing resources in their town (a 5 x 5 grid) while trying to match patterns in order to build buildings that have various scoring methods.

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Players: 1 - 6

Playing Time: 45 - 60 Minutes

Ages: 10+

Gameplay Videos

Tom teaches how to setup a game of Tiny Towns

Tom teaches how to play a game of Tiny Towns and plays a 3-player game.

Gameplay-Along Video

And here is a fun gameplay-along video! Get the game out with your new fancy boxes and let's play!

DIY Storage Solution

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Use the video below to learn how to make these boxes.

Black Icons for Colored Papers

Colored Icons for White Papers