Lights in the Sky

Designer: Chris Bryan

Artists: Jason D. Kingsley, John Shulters, Beth Sobel

Publishers: Foxtrot Games, Renegade Game Studios

Description: A competitive roll-n-write game that uses Lanterns (the tile-laying game) as inspiration.

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Players: 2 - 4 (I also designed a solo variant for this game! You can find more information about that here, and you can see it in action and play along with the Gameplay-Along video below.)

Playing Time: 30 - 45 Minutes

Ages: 10+

Gameplay Videos

In this video you can learn how these crafts are used and how to setup a game of Lanterns Dice.

In this video I teach how to play Lanterns Dice and play through a 3-player game.

Gameplay-Along Video

In this video I teach the rules of the solo mode I designed for Lanterns Dice and invite you to play along!

You can read about my solo rules (which uses the setup-randomizer deck I've created as shown below....) here. More information below in the DIY storage solution section below.

DIY Storage Solution

Firework Boxes

Click here to download these player boxes as a PDF.

Use the videos below to learn how to make these boxes!

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Cards and Deck Box

The videos to help you make these boxes are at the bottom of this page.

Click here to download the PDF containing the Setup Randomizer cards with matching deck box.

Are you a solo gamer? I wrote created a solo variant using these cards! I've got the rules here.

Use this video to learn how to make the Firework Tiles Boxes

Use this video to learn how to make the deck box that holds the setup randomizer cards.