Dead Man's Cabal

Designers: Daniel Newman

Artist: Henning Ludvigsen, Denis Medri

Publisher: Pandasaurus Games

Description: A competitive pattern-making and area-control game that has players doing their best to raise the dead...

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Players: 2 - 4

Playing Time: 60 Minutes

Ages: 12+

Gameplay Videos

Tom teaches how to setup a basic game of Dead Man's Cabal.

Tom teaches how to play a Dead Man's Cabal and plays through a full game.

A Non-Storage Craft

I found it a little tricky to remember and teach how the Oracle board scores at the end of the game. So I designed this under-lay page to help with teaching/end-of-game scoring. It lists how each space scores with a reminder about tie-breakers.

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Instructions on how to construct it is listed below.

Construction Instructions:

1) Print out the 4 pages of this file on cardstock (any weight will do. I just used whatever was cheapest at the store).

2) DO NOT cut anything on page 1. Leave that page alone. You will be attaching the trapezoids from the other pages to it.

3) Cut out the trapezoids on pages 2 - 4.

4) Tape or glue (whatever makes sense to you) the trapezoids to around the faded image of the page with the oracle board.