Lost Ruins of Arnok

Designer: Elwen, Mín

Artist: Jiří Kůs, Ondřej Hrdina, Jakub Politzer, František Sedláček, Milan Vavroň

Publisher: Czech Games Edition

Description: A competitive worker-placement and deck-building game that has you exploring the Lost Ruins of Arnak, in an effort to get the most points possible.

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Players: 2 - 4

(An official solo mode is available in the box)

Playing Time: 30 Minutes per Player

Ages: 12+

Gameplay Videos

See how Tom stores the game AND how to set it up.

This video should help you learn how to play the game as I play through a full two-player game.

DIY Storage Solution

Click here to download this PDF.

Use the videos below to learn how to make this box.

This video will help you make the player boxes and trays, as well as the box to hold the big deck of cards.

This video will help you make the sleeves that will hold the large cardboard boards.