Ark Nova

Designer: Mathias Wigge

Artist: Loïc Billiau, Dennis Lohausen, Steffen Bieker, Christof Tisch

Publisher: Capstone Games, Feuerland

Description: A competitive game of intense Zoo planning and Building.

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DIY Storage Solution

Click here to download any of these PDFs. This link will (eventually) have a box for Sleeved and Unsleeved cards.

Use the video on the RIGHT to help you make this box.

Note: The BASE and the LID of THIS box uses a template that most closely resembles of LID of the box in the video. So, you can print the pages, cut out around the outside border, then follow the instructions starting at 19:50. I do take a few shortcuts at that point in the video, but the design is simple enough, I'm sure you'll be okay.