Aeon's End Legacy

Designers: Kevin Riley, Nick Little

Artists: Daniel Solis

Publisher: Indie Boards and Cards

Description: A Cooperative Legacy-Style deck-building card game set in the Aeon's End universe.

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Players: 1 - 4

Playing Time: 45 - 90 Minutes per Chapter (It appears as though there are 7 Chapters to be played.)

Ages: 14+

Most Recent Gameplay Video

Video 8

Chapter 5: The Darkest Night

Jovie and Olivia try again to fight a cloud of Covid-Fog.

ALL Gameplay Video

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Video 1

Unboxing the Game

Tom unboxes his copy of Aeon's End Legacy and goes through the components available upon opening the box.

Video 2

Chapter 1: The Ordeal, Setup

Tom teaches how to setup the first chapter of Aeon's End Legacy. In this video he will be selecting and establishing his characters and setting up the scenario in the same way that each scenario will be setup.

Video 3

Chapter 1: The Ordeal, Gameplay

Jovie and Olivia try to save Gravehold and Tom teaches how to play Aeon's End Legacy.

Video 4

Chapter 2: Among the Ruins

Tom plays through the second chapter of Aeon's End Legacy as Jovie and Olivia begin to train to become better mages.

Video 5

Chapter 3: In Search of New Power

Jovie and Olivia do their best to find new power....? And defeat the iPods.

Video 6

Chapter 4: A Friend in Danger

Jovie and Olivia do their best to fight the latest Nameless.... and try to stop fighting amongst themselves! (Dun Dun Dun)

Video 7

Chapter 4: A Friend in Danger

Jovie and Olivia try again to fight this Fungal Mesh before it gets stuck under their toenails.... gross... be continued....