Designer: Paul Dennen

Artist: Clay Brooks, Nate Storm

Publisher: Dire Wolf

Description: A competitive game that blends deck-building with worker placement.

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Players: 2-4

(an official solo-mode is included in the box)

Playing Time: 60 - 120 Minutes

Ages: 14+

Gameplay Videos

This video shows how I store Dune: Imperium, AND how to setup a game.

In this video I go over the rules and show a 2-player game.

DIY Storage Solution

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Use the videos BELOW to help you make these boxes.

Use THIS video to learn how to make the boxes that hold the Player Components, the General Components, and the Small Cards*

*Note: to make the cards easier to remove, I simply cut a trapezoid v-like shape into the inside-side. See the picture above for an idea of what I did....

Use THIS video to learn how to make the large card box with the dividers.