Designers: John D Clair

Artists: Jacqui Davis, Philip Glofcheskie, Ryan Iler, Matt Paquette

Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group

Description: A competitive game which has players racing around a track by buying and rolling dice.

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Players: 2 - 4

Solo Variant designed by me available, more info below.

Playing Time: 30 - 60 Minutes

Ages: 10+

Gameplay Videos

Tom teaches how to setup a game of Cubitos.

Tom *correctly* teaches how to play a multi-player game of Cubitos.

Tom Teaches how to play his solo variant for Cubitos.

You can find the typed rules for this solo variant here.

This is the orignial teach and gameplay video for Cubitos where I made two mistakes: (1) I started players off with 3 dark gray cubes instead of 2... and (2) during the draw phase I forgot to check the leader's position and adjust my handsizes accordingly.