Marvel Villainous

Designer: Prospero Hall

Artist: N/A

Publisher: Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH

Description: A competitive asymetrical game that has players acting as a Marvel villain trying to reach their own unique victory conditions while trying to stop the other players from reaching theirs.

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DIY Storage Solution -- 3 Parts


These are PlayWraps. Essentially they are playmats that fold up so they can be deck wraps. These WILL fit in the insert, and will hold the cardboard cards with the regular cards for the characters that use them. To get them to fit in the insert as well as possible, fit them like this:

Ultron and Killmonger in the LEFT well, THANOS in the CENTER well, Hela and Taskmaster in the RIGHT well.

Click here to download the PDF for these PlayWraps

Use this video to learn how to use and make these PlayWraps.

This picture shows the PlayWrap unfolded and all of the cards it held.

With the PlayWrap unfolded, you can place your draw pile, have a discard pile, a spot for your event card, and a spot any extra tokens/instructions....

... and other players will be able to see your goal during the game!

Token Boxes

These token boxes will let you store the Power Tokens, Strength Modifiers, and Hela's Soul Marks. I store the two smaller boxes (Strength and Soul Marks) UNDER the cauldron, and the Power IN the cauldron.

*** Note, to make the Power Tokens box fit in the cauldron I had to make it kinda small. Sadly you can't just toss the tokens in the box willy-nilly, but you will need to stack them as seen in the picture below.

Click here to download the PDF for these token boxes.

Use this video to learn how to use and make these token boxes.

(Yes, I use the same template as the boxes I made for Tiny Towns).

Deck Boxes

These character deck boxes can hold the Villain cards, and fate cards for each character (But NOT their larger cardboard cards or any tokens). These boxes will NOT fit in the original insert.... but you may want to use these boxes and toss the insert. So here it is. These boxes will go well with the Disney Villainous boxes I designed, and can be used as a playmat during gameplay..

Click here to download the PDF for these deck boxes

Use this video to learn how to use and make these deck boxes.